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 Da Rules

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Basic Overview

The league is based on goals scored and is not part if an existing league, you have a squad of up to ten players of which you choose four each week. Each weekend you have a game against another manager and who ever scores more goals wins. To create your squad you have a pot of £50 million where all managers will meet up on the 2nd Aug and have an auction where you bid for the players you want. Results and the league table will be made available to all via the forum web site (www. fantasyfooty.forumotion.com). More information is listed below but feel free to ask questions

Joining Fee will be £20.

To join the auction you have to have paid your joining fee, after previous years of hassle money will be paid up front.

Season Runs from first weekend of the Championship season (14/08/2010) to the last Premiership game (07/05/2011), please note there is no premiership games in the first week.

There will be a games most weekends plus a small number of midweek games.

Your squad can be a maximum of 10 players at any one time.

You must select a default team for the league that consists of four players; this default team will be played unless you submit a team by 12.00pm Saturday of that weekend and 6.00pm on the Tuesday for midweek games. Teams should be posted on to the forum web site

For cup weekends you maybe required to submit two teams if you have a league game and a cup game so it is advisable to have at least eight players in your squad. If you cannot submit four players per team then you will have to just submit as many players you have available. You should also select a cup default cup team encase you forget to submit a team.


There will be an auction on the 2nd Aug before the season starts where all managers should be present; you will have 50 million allocated to build your team with. In the action you will take it in turns to highlight players you wish to buy if no other manager wants the player you have shown interest in then you get them for free if however another manager does also want the player usual auction rules apply.

Once this initial auction has taken place the following transfer rules apply:

Can cannot bid for a player if you do not have room in your squad should you sign him so for example if you bid for one player you can only have nine players in your squad if you bid for two players you cannot have more than eight.

There will be two transfer windows that will run from 2th August to 19th September and 1st January to 7th February

The process for a transfer is as follows

If you want to purchase a player you have to log your interest in him to do this you need to post a topic on the web sites forum, if you don’t have access to this you can ask the chairman to do this for you (Bogz or Billy).

If no one else wants that player then 3 days after the topic is posted the player is yours however if someone else does want the player they have to bid for that player via the same process as logging your interest. After that 3 day period no one that has not already bid for the said player can make a new bid.

If you want to release a player you have already signed then you are entitled to 50% of the initial purchase price so for example if you sign Peter Crouch for 10 million and he gets injured for the rest of the reason you can release him and get £5 million added back into your transfer budget.

No inter team transfers are allowed, only players that are not currently part of another managers team are acceptable. If you release a player then you cannot re sign that player again.


In the league you will play against one other manager each weekend who ever scores the most goals win the game. You get 3 points for a win 1 point for a draw and 0 points if you lose.

In the league whoever has the most points wins if two teams have the same points the teams will be separated by goals scored and if that is the same then goal difference.

The league will publish the email addresses and contact numbers for each manager involved in the league.


The league fixture will be created using an independent website . We will have fixtures every weekend regardless of how many games are scheduled.

Only games in the following competitions are valid

Coca Cola Football League
Football League Division 1
Football League Division 2
FA Cup
Carling Cup

There will be a cup in addition to the league details of which will be published on the forum in due course.

The web site to create the league fixtures is


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PostSubject: Re: Da Rules   Da     Rules EmptyThu Aug 06, 2009 4:38 am

Cash Breakdown

As we only have 12 managers this year rahter than the 14 we planned the prise breakdown will be


1st £100
2nd £50
3rd £20


1st £50
2nd £20
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Da Rules
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